6 Things Not to Flush Down the Toilet

A blocked toilet can be unpleasant to deal with, and we would always recommend getting a drain clearance professional in to do the job. We have the specialist tools to diagnose the problem and get the blockage cleared quickly and cleanly.

Best of all possible worlds, though, is a toilet that doesn’t need unblocking in the first place. And there are simple ways to minimise the risk. The Drainflow team has come up with 6 things not to flush down your toilet if you want to avoid blockages.

1. Kitchen Roll

It’s paper, it looks a bit like toilet roll so there’s no reason to think it would cause problems. Except it does. The paper used in kitchen roll is thicker and less biodegradable than toilet roll. It may flush and disappear but in the long term it could be creating a massive blockage.

2. Cat Litter

We can see the logic that leads people to flush cat litter down the toilet. After all, it’s how we deal with human waste, so why not animal waste? Cat litter is the problem, though. It’s made of sand and clay, which are probably the two worst things to flush into your drains.

3. Dental Floss

‘You’ve got to be kidding!’ we hear you cry. Lots of people flush dental floss because it’s small and doesn’t look like it would do any harm. It’s made of nylon, though, which doesn’t biodegrade, and it gets itself wrapped around objects which lead to blockages.

4. Tampons and Pads

It makes no sense that tampons and pads are not designed to be flushable, but they’re definitely not and they really do need to be disposed of without flushing. Even tampons labelled as biodegradable don’t disperse in water and are the cause of blockages.

5. Flushable Wet Wipes

The UK has a ‘Fine to Flush’ standard which is used to identify wet wipes that can be safely flushed. Many wet wipes are currently advertising themselves as ‘flushable’, but if they don’t carry the ‘Fine to Flush’ symbol then they won’t break down quickly in sewers.

6. Cotton Wool Balls

Cotton is highly absorbent, so flushing cotton wool balls, buds or pads down your toilet causes the item to swell, and once you’ve repeated the action a few times you have a blockage. Cotton doesn’t break down, like toilet paper does, so it clumps with other items.

Drainflow Toilet Unblocking Specialists

Our drain clearance experts have dealt with a few fatbergs in our time, and they’re not a pretty sight. They wreak havoc in our sewers and can cause dangerous backups. We can all help to avoid them by flushing only human waste and toilet roll down our toilets.

If you notice that the water in your toilet bowl is higher than usual, or that your flush isn’t as effective as normal, you probably have a blockage. Call a drain clearance specialist to get it cleared. We’ll do the job fast and efficiently, leaving your toilet system clean and healthy.

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