Blocked Drain Luton

Blocked Drain Luton

Luton Blocked Drain Clearance & Repair Services

The first sign you’re likely to get of a blocked drain is an unpleasant smell, and slow drainage from your sink, or shower. The longer that these symptoms are left unattended, the more serious blockages can become. In some cases they can lead to waste water back up, or overflowing drains. If you catch blocked drains early the problem can normally be dealt with in one visit.

What is Drain Clearance?

Drainflow engineers use a range of specialist drain clearance equipment to solve blocked drains. Most of the domestic problems we encounter can be dealt with on our first visit. Where the blockage is in the drainage system, we use a CCTV drain survey to locate it and drain jetting to clear it. If drain pipes are damaged, we can repair them without digging or excavating.

Drainflow have over 20 years experience with drain blockages in Luton. Call our specialists for prompt and effective drain clearance.

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Drain Clearance Luton

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We’re a professional team with over 20 years of experience providing professional drain clearance services. We offer a wide range of specialist services:

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Drain inspections Luton


Drainflow drain inspections are efficient, require no digging, and locate blockages fast. Our remote-controlled, wheel-mounted camera inspects the drainage system. HD images are beamed back to a monitor where Drainflow experts assess what they’re seeing. In 100% of cases we are able to pinpoint the problem.

Drain clearance Luton


If you’re experiencing problems with your flush, or the water’s not draining away properly, you most probably have a blocked toilet pipe. This is an inconvenient problem which most customers prefer a professional to deal with. The simplest solution is to call a Drainflow specialist who will fix the problem fast.

Drain Cleaning Luton


Drain jetting is an effective way to flush blockages out of drains. Drainflow uses high pressure hoses which propel water at pressures exceeding 3000psi and are flexible enough to navigate any drain. The force of the water loosens encrusted materials, dislodges blocked objects and removes hardened debris.

Blocked Drains in Luton

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