Blocked Drains Bedford

Need Help With Blocked Drains in Bedford?

We all know the misery of a blocked drain. Whether it’s an unpleasant smell coming from the plughole, slow draining water in the shower tray, or a toilet that’s overflowing, it needs clearing effectively, and fast. Drainflow provides prompt drain clearance of blocked drains in Bedford, and in this article, we tell you how we go about it.

Most of our customers have a go at clearing the blockage before they call us out. Many of them have had some success but find that the problem re-occurs weeks or months later. If you’re experiencing a persistent problem with a blocked sink, or a blocked toilet, our advice would always be to get on the phone to Drainflow straight away.

4 Main Causes of Blocked Drains in Bedford

When Drainflow engineers are called out to clear blocked drains, their first job is to find out what the problem is. There are 4 main causes that we find:

  • Inappropriate Use of Sink/Toilet. There are two golden rules to follow if you want to avoid blocked drains. First, don’t put fat down the sink – pour it into a containers, let it solidify, and put it in the bin. Second, don’t flush wipes or nappies down the toilet – not even the one’s that say they’re flushable.
  • Debris in Drains. External debris can easily end up in your outside drain; fallen leaves in winter, soil, and garden waste, or even paint that gets poured down there to get rid of it. One way to stop this happening is to invest in a drain cover which will keep the drain grate clean and clear of debris.
  • Tree Root Ingress. Trees love drains because they’re a constant source of moisture. The roots will find cracks and vulnerabilities in the pipes and grow into the drains. The subsequent root networks can be extensive, and obviously they can cause real problems for your drainage.
  • Broken Pipes. If tree roots have found a crack to grow through, they will damage your pipes. Subsidence can also create problems. If you have terra cotta pipes, these may crack or collapse. Because these problems are underground, and therefore invisible, it’s important to call a drain clearance expert to investigate.

The Drainflow Approach to Blocked Drains

The first thing to say is that we respond to our customers across Bedford fast. Once you contact us, we’ll respond promptly because we know you want your life back to normal. Second, you don’t have to worry about hefty call out charges. We don’t charge call out fees, instead we give you a free, no obligation quote straight away.

Once we arrive, we’ll quickly get to work diagnosing the problem. Our aim is always to clear the blockage straight away, and in the vast majority of cases, we do. Where the problem is more complex, we’ll explain clearly what we need to do next, and why. This will normally mean one of the following approaches:

  • CCTV Drain Surveys. This is state-of-the-art drain technology! If we think there may be a problem in your drain system, our remote crawler cameras help us to find out what it is. They send real times images back to the surface, so our engineers are able to pinpoint a blockage, collapsed pipe, or root ingress, and deal with it.
  • Drain Jetting.  This is a great way to give your drain pipes a thorough deep clean. Our high-pressure hoses propel water through your system at a pressure in excess of 3000 psi. This loosens any hard debris, removes grease, and clears tree roots that have found their way in. Your drains are left clean, sweet-smelling, and healthy.

Call Drainflow for Your Blocked Drains in Bedford

“Very professional service and very knowledgable. They didn’t give up on the problem until it was resolved! No more smells in my bathroom!!! Would highly recommend.”

Debbie Harvey

We care about getting the problem sorted for our customers, and we won’t charge you a fortune to do so. Drainflow is a local Bedfordshire business,  so we’ll be with you fast, and we promise we won’t leave you in the lurch. All our drain engineers are prepared to go the extra mile for customers in order to get their homes or businesses back on track.

Got a problem with blocked drains in Bedford? Call in your local drain clearance experts. Drainflow is a Bedfordshire business with a passion for solving your problem – 01525 718500