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Rats in Drain Pipes

Rats in Drain Pipes

Worried You May Have Rats in Your Drain Pipes?

Sewers may not be attractive to humans, but for rats they’re an ideal environment. They provide safe shelter, plenty of food, and access to drains which lead into homes. All a rat requires is a crack, a hole or a disjoint and they’ll make their way through. Anything larger than a 50p piece will provide an invitation to rats in your drain pipes, and your home.

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Case Study – CCTV Drain Survey for Wheatley Homes, Henlow

Case Study - CCTV Drain Survey for Wheatley Homes, Henlow

CCTV Drain Survey for Wheatley Homes, Henlow

The Drainflow team recently paid a visit to the attractive village of Henlow between Biggleswade and Hitchin. Our client, Wheatley Homes, asked us to carry out drain jetting and a CCTV drain survey in the new Victoria Cross housing development in preparation for local water authority adoption of the foul and storm drainage system.

Storm Drainage

This is also known as surface water drainage. Storm drainage collects the water from roads, gutters, roofs, patios, and driveways. The water that is collected is free from household waste, and so it can run off into watercourses, and has no need to be treated in the sewers.

Foul Water Drainage

This is the waste that comes from bathrooms, kitchen, and utilities. The foul water drainage system collects it and transports it to the sewers where the water is treated. Storm and foul water drains obviously need to be kept separate in order to eliminate the risk of pollution.

Drainflow Carries Out CCTV Drain Inspection and Cleaning

The drainage system for a new housing development needs to be inspected and flushed through prior to public use. The Drainflow team checks for any sewer misconnections and inspects the pipework for potential blockages.

Drain clearance for new housing developments utilises two procedures:

  • CCTV Drain Survey. This is an inspection of the drainage system which allows us to check for blockages, or damaged pipes. We use a remote-controlled CCTV camera, mounted on a ‘crawler’ platform. The HD camera provides 360° real-time imagery to our surface monitors from the interior of the pipework.
  • Drain Jetting. Drainflow engineers use drain jetting hoses to cleanse the pipe work serving the storm and foul water drainage. Working from the mouth of the drain, water jets exceeding 3000psi flush out mud or silt, dislodge wedged objects, clear accretions clinging to the pipework.

Working With Drainflow

We are established drain clearance providers working across Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, and North London. With two decades of experience, we’ve developed a great reputation for the provision of drain clearance services to commercial, construction and residential clients.

Drainflow is available 24/7, and our goal is always to get your drain blockage cleared promptly, on our first visit. In 99% of cases that is exactly what we manage to do.

Need fast, effective construction site drain clearance services? Call Drainflow today on 01525 718500

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6 Things Not to Flush Down the Toilet

6 Things Not to Flush Down the Toilet
A blocked toilet can be unpleasant to deal with, and we would always recommend getting a drain clearance professional in to do the job. We have the specialist tools to diagnose the problem and get the blockage cleared quickly and cleanly.

Best of all possible worlds, though, is a toilet that doesn’t need unblocking in the first place. And there are simple ways to minimise the risk. The Drainflow team has come up with 6 things not to flush down your toilet if you want to avoid blockages.

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