Drain Clearance Milton Keynes

Drain Clearance In Milton Keynes

Roundabouts, concrete cows and parking hell – these are the things that most people know about Milton Keynes. But when you work there regularly, as the Drainflow team do, you find out lots of other things, too. Like the number of lakes – 15 in all – that clock up more shoreline than Jersey. Or the fact that WD-40 is made there. And who knew that there’s a Milton Keynes Monopoly!!

Milton Keynes is also one of the UK’s fastest growing cities, which is one of the reasons why we find ourselves working there so regularly. Drainflow gets called in to deal with a range of drain clearance problems for businesses, construction and domestic customers. The most common problems we deal with requires the clearance of blockages in stack and waste pipes.

Using Tech to Diagnose Drain Clearance Problems

Sorting out blocked drains in Milton Keynes starts with locating what and where the problem is. Rather than digging up pipes, we’re now able to send remote control cameras down into drain systems. The CCTV drain survey ‘crawlers’ transmit data back to Drainflow engineers who are able to interpret what they’re seeing. This state-of-the-art tech is amazingly adept at pin-pointing blockages so that we know exactly what we’re dealing with.

Clearing Blocked Drains in Milton Keynes

Blocked drains are often the result of a build-up of silt, rotting leaves or debris in a drainpipe. We also see a lot of blockages caused by the accumulation of grease, soap or detergent mixed in with wet wipes or sanitary products. There are two main approaches we take to clearing blockages:

  • Drain Rods. These are flexible rods, each about a metre long, that are screwed together and pushed through the drain. Once the blockage is located, the rods are used to loosen and shift the blockage until water flows freely once more. These are used for smaller, more malleable blockages.
  • Drain Jetting. For accretions and large build ups of debris, drain jets are the best approach. Our high pressure hoses are flexible which means they can reach deep into the drain system. They propel water jets in excess of 3000psi. This tremendous force loosens any debris, or encrustations and shifts heavy debris.

Where Drain are Damaged

Whilst blockages are – by far – the most likely cause of drainage problems, there’s also the possibility of cracked or damaged pipes being the problem. These may be caused by structural issues, or possibly by tree roots exerting huge pressure on pipes and cracking them. Where this is the case, we try to repair the pipe without having to excavate.

Drainflow Drain Clearance in MK

At Drainflow our approach is pretty simple; we get the problem fixed as quickly as possible for our customers. That’s why we don’t charge call out fees. Instead we get to the source of the problem, decide on the solution, and quote for the job there and then. In the majority of drain clearance cases across Buckinghamshire, we’re able to clear drain blockages on the spot.

“Perfect service. I called for a blocked pipe…and 20 minutes after !!!, they were coming over. Perfect work. The pipe was cleared using a high-pressure water drain jetting. One hour after everything was working again. The engineer was so kind. This company can be strongly recommended.” Xavier Soinard

Need drain clearance in Milton Keynes? Drainflow are local drain specialists in Buckinghamshire. For a rapid response, and no call out fee call us on 01525 718500