Drainage Survey for Hampshire County Council

Drainage Survey for Hampshire County Council

Drainflow drain clearance engineers have recently completed a post construction drainage survey at a new school site in Reading, for Hampshire County Council. In this instance we were brought in after the building works were complete, but in many cases, we’ll be asked to carry out both pre and post construction drainage surveys.

Using CCTV Drainage Surveys in Construction

A pre-construction condition survey is often required prior to work starting on a new building. The purpose of the survey is to get a clear indication of the condition of the drainage system on site, in order to understand how it may be affected by the work.

A post construction survey takes place once the build is complete, but before the building is occupied for daily use. We use our CCTV inspection system to find out whether any problems have arisen as a result of the building activity.

CCTV Drain Survey Technology

Most construction projects build over existing drainage networks or sewer pipes. Drainflow uses CCTV drain survey technology to provide visual data as to their condition. A remote-controlled CCTV camera is placed on our ‘crawler’ device and sent into the drain system. Our engineers receive 360° images via our surface monitor, which are used to diagnose and pin-point any faults, broken pipes, or blockages.

The most common problems we identify in post-construction surveys are:

  • Rubble from the site wedged in drainage pipes
  • Encrusted cement inside pipes
  • Leaking pipes
  • Mud, silt, or vegetation deposits

High Pressure Drain Jetting

The CCTV drain survey Drainflow carried out for Hampshire County Council found that the system needed flushing through in order to clear out build-up of deposits from the site and encrustation. High pressure drain jetting is an efficient method of removing tree roots, deposits and encrustation that could lead to blockages.

The powerful drain jetting hoses are inserted from the mouth of the drain and water jets at pressures in excess of 3,000psi flush through the drain system. Upon completion both storm and waste water drains were clear and clean, ready for the school’s opening.

About Drainflow

For over 2 decades the Drainflow drain clearance engineers have been providing drain clearance services for developers, construction companies and county councils, as in this case. We operate across the south of England, mostly in Greater London, Hertfordshire Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, and Hampshire. The team is on call 24/7, and our goal is always to get your drain blockage cleared on our first visit – in 99% of cases we achieve it.

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