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If a property isn’t connected to the mains sewer, cesspits are one of the options available for collecting waste. A cesspit doesn’t treat the raw sewage; it simply stores it in a cylindrical tank situated two or three metres underground. This necessitates regular emptying and maintenance to prevent blocking and clogging.


Reliable cesspit emptying and maintenance

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Building regulations require that a cesspit should be large enough to hold 45 days worth of effluent and be fitted with an alarm. The alarm will alert owners when the cesspit is full, and it’s an important safeguard against overflow.

Cesspits should always be emptied by a licensed waste disposal contractor. Once the waste material has been extracted, Drainflow specialists check for any wear and tear, and repair where necessary. They’ll also clean out the pipes, using high power water jets, to reduce the risk of clogging and blockage.

Drainflow can empty your cesspit as required, or schedule a regular time for emptying every 6 weeks. We’ll carry out regular maintenance checks each time we empty the cesspit, and keep you informed of any repair work as it becomes necessary.

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Drainflow Ltd has over 20 years of experience emptying and maintaining cesspits. We guarantee a prompt response to your enquiry, and we always put our customers first.

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