Case Study Drain Clearance in Houghton Conquest

Case Study – Drain Clearance in Houghton Conquest

Surface water’ describes rainwater which falls on a property and then disappears down a drain. These drains remove the water into public sewers which are owned by of one of the ten companies that manage water and sewerage across England and Wales. If a blockage occurs in one of the pipes leading to the sewers, the result is standing water around the drain.

Drainflow Investigates a Blocked Drain in Bedfordshire

The beautiful village of Houghton Conquest in Central Bedfordshire was experiencing problems with standing water. One of the drains into the local sewer was blocked and needed clearing urgently.

The Drainflow team investigated and found a build up of branches, roots and earth that was impeding the flow of surface water to the sewer.

Clearing the Blockage

Drain Clearance in Houghton Conquest

Having identified the exact location of the blockage, the task we faced was clearing the muddy obstruction from the large pipe work. At Drainflow we pride ourselves on the variety of technology we’re able to bring to our work – but in this case the main requirement was shovels, a wheelbarrow and plenty of elbow grease. Once the obstruction was removed, the pipe was flushed through and we left it free-flowing once more.

The drain was located next to a tree which appears to have been shedding roots, branches, leaves and debris. Once mixed with rainwater this formed a ‘mulch’ which formed a barrier to surface water draining away. It’s a problem we see quite a bit, and would urge householders to check their garden drains regularly, and clear the grille of any garden debris they find there.

About Drainflow

We’re a Bedfordshire drain clearance company, and we tackle jobs large and small across the county. We unblock kitchen sinks, as well as working with construction contractors and the industrial sector. No matter what the problem is, Drainflow has the equipment and expertise to solve it.

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