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A blocked drain smells bad and slows down your water flow. If left unattended it can lead to overflowing gutters or flooding. Catch blocked drains early. Call a Drainflow specialist for fast, efficient drain clearance.

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High pressure drain jetting is a popular and effective way to clean and unblock drains. High pressure hoses are used to propel water jets at pressures in excess of 3000 psi. The sheer force of the water is capable of loosening hardened debris, remove encrusted material, and dislodge blockages. The pipe is flexible enough to reach deep into the pipework, or navigate around bends.

Earthenware drain systems are vulnerable to cracking as the result of simple blockages. This kind of minor damage can normally be repaired without having to dig up your pipework, by using ‘no dig’ technology. More serious is the problem of a collapsed drain, cause by surface works, root growth or ground movement. This requires a CCTV drain survey to assess the extent of the damage, and may need drain excavation and replacement.

Waste pipes carry foul water away from the bathroom, toilet (soil stack pipe), utility rooms and kitchens. These pipes will enter a mains drainage system which transports foul waste to a local sewer, and then to a sewage treatment plant. Heavy rain water, or flooding can back up the contents of foul pipes to homes and businesses. This will cause bad smells and hazardous waste. Blocked sewer pipes can be cleared using high pressure drain jetting, and root removal.

Surface water drains are used to drain off rainwater that falls onto the roof, the patio, roadways, sports facilities and into gutters. Where the surface water drains become blocked, they will need to be cleared in order to avoid local flooding, and the potential for damage to buildings. Unblocking can be achieved using high pressure drain jetting.

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