Fix a Blocked Toilet

Drainflow Will Fix a Blocked Toilet Fast

It’s not a pleasant job, but someone has to do it! Drainflow engineers have been fixing Bedford’s blocked toilets for over 20 years now. We guarantee a prompt and efficient response to your call, and a fast solution to your blockage. There’s no call-out fees with Drainflow, and – in the majority of cases – our engineers are able to fix a blocked toilet immediately.

What are the Causes of a Blocked Toilet?

You probably don’t want the gory details of what Drainflow engineers encounter in the process of unblocking toilet pipes. There are, however, a number of ways that you can minimise the risk of toilet blockages. Avoid putting anything down the toilet that isn’t biodegradable; that includes sanitary products, nappies, cat litter and wipes (even the ones that say ‘flushable’). Our advice is to accept that apart from human waste and toilet paper, nothing else should be flushed.

When a Blockage Occurs…

Every toilet blocks once in a while, and in most cases they’ll clear themselves after a couple of flushes. If this doesn’t happen, it’s worth popping a pair of gloves on, and seeing if you can shift the problem. Alternatively, you could:

  • Use Hot Water. This simple technique can sometimes shift the blockage. You will need to stop the water supply to the cistern and remove any excess water in the toilet bowl. Pour half a glass of washing up liquid into the bowl. Wait 5-10 minutes. Pour 2-3 litres of boiling water into the bowl and wait to see if the water level falls.
  • Use a Plunger. This is an effective way to clear blockages, so long as it’s not solid. Place the plunger over the outlet from your toilet bowl, so you achieve a tight fit. Push down, then pull up. This creates a vacuum that pulls the blockage out of the pipe. Repeat the action and slowly increase the speed of it.

4 Signs You Need a Professional

Toilet blockages can be symptoms of problems with sewage pipes, blocked gullies or obstructions that need a professional response:

  • DIY Didn’t Work. If you’ve tried the hot water, and then the plunger, but still the problem persists, call a pro. Some DIY can actually cause further damage to your drainage system, so it’s as well to get a specialist out as soon as possible. We’ll use specialist equipment to find the cause of the blockage and clear it efficiently.
  • There’s an Unpleasant Smell. If you find that you’re using a bottle of bleach a week, and still your smelly toilet persists, get an expert eye on it. Bad smells are early warning signs that something is amiss behind the scenes. Drainflow engineers will check for hidden leaks, or a blocked toilet drain.
  • The Toddler’s Toys Are Missing. Can’t find your toddler’s plastic figures? Toilet acting up? Often the two are connected. Small plastic toys are easy to flush, and toddlers love watching them disappear. Getting them back can cause more of a problem, though. Drainflow engineers will locate the lost toys and retrieve them for you.
  • The Toilet Runs Constantly. If your toilet is trickling endlessly, you’ll be running up a mighty water bill! The problem is normally an ill-fitting, or broken, water flap that needs replacing. It’s a job that can be done quickly – so don’t delay. Get a Drainflow engineer in to fix the problem and keep those bills down.

Drainflow Engineers Fix a Blocked Toilet Fast

If you can’t see any immediate way to fix your blocked toilet – call the Drainflow experts. We will investigate the blockage, identify the problem, and apply the solution immediately. Depending on what’s causing the blockage, we may use drain jetting, rotary mechanical drain cleaning, gully cleaning or other excavation methods. Whatever the problem is, we won’t leave you without having solved the issue and returned your household to normal.

About Drainflow

We’re a Bedford drain company with a passion to provide great service for our Bedfordshire customers. You can rely on us for a prompt response to your call – whatever time of the day or night – and a swift solution to your drain problem. Whether it’s a blocked toilet, a blocked sink, or a drain system blockage requiring a CCTV drain survey, we’ll get it sorted for you – fast.

“Very professional service and very knowledgeable. They didn’t give up on the problem until it was resolved! No more smells in my bathroom!!! Would highly recommend”

Debbie Harvey

If you need a professional to fix a blocked toilet, call Drainflow straight away on 01525 718500