Blocked Drain Services in Bedfordshire

Looking for Drain Clearance in Bedfordshire?

A blocked drain can cause all sorts of problems that will throw your business or household off course. Whether it’s sinks that are smelling bad, drains that are overflowing or a shower that won’t drain properly, you need blocked drain services in Bedfordshire to get you back on track. Drainflow’s drain clearance specialists clear most blockages on their first visit.

Symptoms of a Blocked Drain

Blockages always seem to appear out of the blue, but in fact, symptoms may have been building for some time unnoticed. Your drainage system is invisible, so you’re dependent on symptoms from underground problems to know when to call on drain clearance experts.

The symptoms to watch out for are gurgling noises in the pipes, a nasty smell coming out of the plughole or exterior drain, raised water levels in the toilet, sewage in the drains, the appearance of cracks in the walls or subsidence.

What are Blocked Drain Services in Bedfordshire?

Drainflow provides a prompt response to calls, and an experienced drain clearance engineer will quickly arrive to sort out the problem. There are a number of blocked drain services we offer, all of which are designed to clear the drain blockage effectively and return your pipes to full health.

  • Blocked Drains. In most cases we’re able to diagnose residential and localised blockages of sinks, showers, and toilets immediately, and deal with them promptly. Our aim is always to solve the issue on our first visit where we can, in order get things running normally once more.
  • Drainage System Problems. If the blockage appears to be in the drainage system underground, we will recommend a CCTV drain survey. This involves sending a small, remote-controlled camera into the drains. It will survey the interior of the pipes and send back images for Drainflow engineers to analyse.
  • Drain Clearance. Once we know where the problem is in your drainage system, we can use drain jetting to clear out the obstruction. Working from the mouth of the drain we blast powerful jets of water through the system in order to clear tree root ingress, dislodge blockages, or remove accretions from pipes.

Common Causes of Blocked Drains

As providers of blocked drain services in Bedfordshire we know the common causes and are able to offer advice to clients to stop certain problems from recurring.

1. Household Waste

We all generate a good deal of waste at home or at work, and much of it will find its way down the drain. If you want to avoid domestic blocked drains, avoid pouring fat down the sink, or flushing wipes down the toilet (even if they say they’re flushable). These are the two top contributors to blockages.

2. Debris in External Drains

Outside drains can easily get clogged up with leaves, soil, debris from gutters. We advise clients to get a drain cover which will stop much of the debris ending up in the drain itself. Alternatively, keep your grating clear and pay special attention in the Autumn.

3. Tree Roots in Drains

The roots of trees love the moist interiors of drains. They will find hairline cracks, or joints and use these to make an opening which gradually gets larger. Root networks in drains can grow to quite a considerable size and they need to be cut away using drain jetting.

4. Broken Pipes Where roots have created cracks to grow through, they cause damage to pipes as well as creating a blockage. Subsidence can also create problems for drains. These problems occur underground, and are therefore invisible, so it’s important to call a drain clearance expert who will carry out a CCTV drain survey.

Call Drainflow for Blocked Drain Services in Bedfordshire

We care about getting the problem sorted for our customers, and we won’t charge you a fortune to do so. Drainflow is a local Bedfordshire business, so we’ll be with you fast, diagnosing and dealing with your blocked drains.

Call us day or night to deal with your blocked drain emergencies, and we’ll offer a prompt service. We don’t charge call-out fees; instead, we’ll deliver a no obligation quote once we know what the problem is. In most cases, we’re able to deliver a first-time fix.

Need blocked drain services in Bedfordshire? Call in your local drain clearance experts. Drainflow is a Bedfordshire business with a passion for solving your problem – 01525 718500