Blocked Drain High Wycombe

Blocked Drain High Wycombe

High Wycombe Blocked Drain Clearance & Repair Services

Are you experiencing unpleasant smells from your drains, or slow drainage from your sink or shower? These are signs of a drain blockage which, if left unchecked, could lead to waste water being backed up, or overflowing drains. Catch the problem early and the problem can normally be dealt with in just one visit.

What is Drain Clearance?

When drains get blocked they need specialist equipment to clear them effectively. Drain clearance experts can diagnose blockages quickly, and utilise the right tools to return your home or business to normality. Drainflow engineers may recommend a CCTV drain survey to locate an underground drain blockage, or drain jetting which uses high pressure water jets to clear blockages.

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Blocked Drain High Wycombe

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The Drainflow team are skilled engineers with over two decades of experience providing drain clearance to commercial and residential customers. Our services include:

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Drain inspections High Wycombe


CCTV drain surveys are highly efficient at locating blockages and don’t involve digging. We use a remote-controlled, wheel-mounted camera which is sent into your drainage system to inspect the pipes. Images are sent back to the surface where engineers diagnose the problem. In 100% of cases the blockage is located.

Drain clearance High Wycombe


Blocked toilets usually begin with a loss of power in the flush and a bowl that fills with water. It’s an unpleasant problem to deal with, which is why we would recommend you contact a professional to clear the blockage. Drainflow engineers have the specialist equipment to solve the issue quickly and efficiently.

Drain Cleaning High Wycombe


When we encounter a stubborn blockage, drain jetting is the solution we will normally use. These high pressure hoses propel water at pressures exceeding 3000psi, whilst also being flexible enough to reach deep into your drainage system. The water jets loosen hardened materials, dislodge stuck objects and flush out mud.

Blocked Drains in High Wycombe

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