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A road gully is a pot embedded in the ground, and covered with a metal grid. The gully’s function is to collect surface water which then runs through a system of underground pipes into the drainage system. Blocked road gullies are the result of damage, bad weather, or poor usage. Failure to remove the blockage can lead to leaks, odours, pipe damage and potential flooding.

Blocked Gully Specialists

Effective Road Gully Clearance

Blocked Gully Specialists

A blocked road gully is cleared using either powerful suction equipment, or a drain jet. If the problem is a build up of leaves, silt and water-borne debris, the metal grid is removed and the blockage is sucked out of the pipe. A hose and tanker service is used to remove the waste material and then dispose of it hygienically and safely.

If the blockage is caused by a build-up of of grease, stones or mud it may be necessary to drain jet the affected pipes. High pressure hoses are used to flush out the pipes, and loosen encrusted debris or blockages. These flexible pipes can easily reach deep into pipework in order to reach the blockage and clear the pipes thoroughly.

Drainflow specialists provide a prompt and reliable diagnosis of problems related to road gullies. We always aim to offer a fast and effective solution, ensuring that the passage of waste water is released and safe, hygienic drainage is restored.

We solve the problem of a blocked road gully fast and effectively across Herts, Beds, Bucks and North London.
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