Blocked Drain Bedford

Blocked Drain Bedford

Bedford Blocked Drain Clearance & Repair Services

Wondering what that bad smell is, or why it’s taking a while for water to drain from the sink? These are the early warning signs of a blocked drain and shouldn’t be ignored. Prompt action can save you bigger problems down the line, such as overflowing drains, or waste water back up. Catching drain problems early usually means that your problem can be solved in one visit.

What is Drain Clearance?

Effective drain clearance is dependent on having the right specialist equipment to do the job. Drainflow vans are well-stocked, which is why we’re able to solve most drain blockages on our first visit. If there seems to be a problem in your drainage system, a CCTV drain survey may be needed to locate it. Most drain clearance can now be achieved efficiently, without excavating.

If you’ve got problems with a blocked drain in Bedford, call a Drainflow expert for rapid and effective drain clearance.

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Drain Clearance Bedford

Blocked Drain Bedford

Professional, Experienced Drain Clearance in Bedford

We’re a professional team with over 20 years of experience providing professional drain clearance services to Bedford clients. We offer a wide range of specialist services:

Areas we cover in Bedford

Elstow, Cople, Cardington, Milton Ernest, Shortstown, Harrowden, Elstow, Kempston, Box End, Biddenham, Renhold and Clapham

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Drain Cleaning Bedford


We use high pressure hoses to flush hard-to-move blockages out of your drainage system. Drain jetting involves propelling water from hoses capable of more than 3000psi. This is powerful enough to loosen mud and silt, disengage encrusted materials, and dislodge stubborn blockages. No digging required.

Drain Inspections Bedford


Where a blockage is located deep in the drainage system, sophisticated CCTV drain survey equipment is used to carry out a drain inspection. The camera is carried on remote-controlled, wheel-mounted platform which surveys your pipework. Images are received on a monitor showing the location of the blockage.

Drain clearance Bedford


An ineffectual toilet flush, or water that refuses to drain usually indicates a blocked toilet pipe. Most people don’t like the idea of dealing with a blocked toilet, so it’s a job that Drainflow engineers are used to dealing with. We’re normally able to diagnose the problem fast, and we have the specialist equipment to shift the blockage quickly.

Blocked Drains in Bedford

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