Is It Worth Getting a Drain Survey?

Why a Home Buyers Drain Survey Matters

At Drainflow we often get home buyers asking, ‘Is it worth getting a drain survey?’, so we thought it was time to have an article which addresses that question. There’s lots of confusion around what is required when buying a property, and whether a home buyers survey includes a drain survey, so we’re going to try to clear matters up.

What is a Drain Survey?

Also known as a ‘drainage survey’, this involves using remote-controlled CCTV equipment to assess the drainage system for the house you want to buy. A 360° camera will supply real time imagery of the drain pipes to a monitor above ground. This will show if there are any:

  • Broken or collapsed pipes.
  • Tree root ingress.
  • Blockages.
  • Cracked pipes needing repair.
  • Vermin infestation.

Drainage engineers will use the CCTV images to diagnose and pinpoint the location of problems.

Does a Home Buyers Survey Include a Drain Survey?

A standard home buyers survey won’t include a survey of the drainage system for a property. Investing in a drain survey, as well as a home buyers survey, could save you money in the long run. If there are problems that need remediation, you need to consider whether you’re willing to take them on as a property owner. Having the video evidence of such problems is a powerful bargaining chip if you wish to subsequently renegotiate the property price.

Are You Planning to Extend the Property?

A CCTV drain survey doesn’t just identify problems; it also locates where your drains run. Any planned extension work will require this information before building can begin. If you discover that there are drainage pipes where you were hoping to extend the property, you will need to either change your plans, or negotiate a build over agreement with the water company.

Will Your New Property Require Drain Clearance?

Once the drain survey is complete, Drainflow engineers will be able to offer recommendations for the issues they may have found. In the majority of cases, the use of specialist drain jetting equipment is sufficient to manage the problem. Very occasionally, it may be necessary to excavate and replace the damaged pipework.

  • Tree Roots Growing in Pipe. The earlier these are caught the better. Drain jetting with a specialist root cutter nozzle will clear the ingress from the pipe.
  • Drain Blockages. These can be caused by wipes, food waste, grease, or a build-up mud or silt. Powerful drain jetting will blast the obstruction away.
  • Vermin. If we find evidence of rats in the pipes, pest control should be called in to offer a solution for clearing them out.

Is a Drain Survey Disruptive?

Drainflow CCTV drain surveys are non-disruptive; there’s no excavation involved, and they take just a few hours to complete. You can rely on our drain survey engineers to arrive promptly and get on with the job efficiently. We ensure that, once we’ve finished the survey, our customers are clear about any issues we’ve found, and how they may be resolved. We provide a report with recommendations, and video evidence.

Is it Worth getting a Drain Survey

We would advise all homebuyers to invest in a drain survey. Problems in a drainage system are invisible and can be very costly if neglected. Much better to be aware of any concerns so that they can be caught early.

Drainflow CCTV survey is carried out by skilled drain clearance specialists, and it provides a clear diagnosis of any drainage problems. We provide CCTV drain surveys across the Beds, Bucks and Herts region.

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