Rats in Drain Pipes

Worried You May Have Rats in Your Drain Pipes?

Sewers may not be attractive to humans, but for rats they’re an ideal environment. They provide safe shelter, plenty of food, and access to drains which lead into homes. All a rat requires is a crack, a hole or a disjoint and they’ll make their way through. Anything larger than a 50p piece will provide an invitation to rats in your drain pipes, and your home.

Signs of Rats in Drain Pipes

All the signs associated with blocked pipes can also be symptomatic of rats nesting or scurrying through your pipes. Be on the lookout for:

  • Blockages in your bathroom or kitchen sink.
  • A blocked toilet.
  • Creaking noises come from your pipes.
  • Water draining more slowly than usual.

I Think I Have Rats. Who Should I Call?

If you have a suspicion there are rats in your drain pipes, what do you do about it? There are two possibilities; pest control and drain clearance. Pest control are the better solution if the rats are already in your property, and you need to be rid of them. If, however, you think that there may be rats in your drains, but you haven’t yet seen any, a drain clearance company is the better option.

What Can Drain Clearance Do About Rats in Drains?

The simplest way to determine whether that are in fact rats in your drains, and how they’re getting in, is by carrying out a CCTV drain survey. We use a remote-control HD camera, on a wheel-mounted platform which enters your drainage system and provides 360º images of the drain interior.

Our engineers watch the CCTV crawler’s progress on a surface monitor, and pinpoint:

  • Evidence of rats in the drains.
  • Evidence of rat entry points.
  • Alternative issues causing drainage issues.

If There’s Rats, What Then?

If we find rats in your drains, we recommend two things. First, you need to make repairs to the drains to stop rats getting in. Second, pest control needs to be involved to determine the best way to deal with the problem whilst causing minimum disruption and distress to your family.

Once you have solved your rat problem, stopping any further infestation is the next step. There are a number of products to help with this, including a mesh which prevents rodents crawling through your pipes, sealing up any disused pipes, or installing a valve that stops rodents climbing up your pipes from the sewers.

Working With Drainflow

We can be relied upon to provide CCTV drain surveys promptly, but we’re not just there for rats in drain pipes. One of our services which is currently popular is the CCTV Drain Survey for home buyers. We also use our CCTV crawlers and drain jetting equipment for household blockages, tree ingress, and lodged objects which need to be removed.

“Friendly fast and efficient service. Would highly recommend them as a company. Carried out a cctv survey on a property we are purchasing and all completed including producing report within 24hours. Thanks again for your help.”

Tina Keane 

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