Drain Jetting Services

High-Power Drain Jetting Services from Drainflow

Drain jetting, uses high-pressure water jets to clean residential or commercial drains. It’s a highly effective approach, achieving far superior results to rods or chemical cleaners. Our drain jetting services guarantee excellent results and a sustainable approach to drain cleaning.

The goal of the Drainflow team is to get your drains unblocked, and your water flowing as fast and efficiently as possible. We’ll restore your home or business to normal and leave your drains clear, clean, and healthy.

What are the Symptoms of a Blocked Drain?

There are a number of warning signs that your drain needs to be cleared and cleaned. If you encounter any of these, you should contact a professional drain clearance team. They’ll diagnose the problem accurately, and deal with the it at source, leaving you with sweet-smelling drains in full working order:

  • Water rising in your toilet bowl, and an ineffectual flush.
  • Bad smells from the drains on your premises.
  • Slow draining sinks and showers.
  • Plugholes that ‘tick’ or gurgle as they drain.
  • Flooding from gullies.

How Does Drain Jetting Work?

Drain jetting uses strong and pliable hoses to blast jets of water through drain pipes at pressures in excess of 3000psi. The pressure is so great that it can strip grease, or accreted concrete off the inside of pipes. The jets remove obstinate blockages that have become wedged, and they can blast accumulated mud or silt through the pipes.

The Drainflow team provides their drain jetting services from the mouth of the drain, feeding the drain jetting hoses into the pipes. Their flexibility ensures that the high-pressure water is directed accurately through the pipework to the source of the problem. If there are tree roots growing into the drain pipes, we use specialist jetting equipment to cut them out and remove them.

The water pressure involved in our drain jetting services requires skill and training. Drainflow teams are trained in the use of this equipment and will ensure that health and safety is prioritised throughout the operation.

2 Drain Jetting Services Case Studies

The Drainflow team provide drain jetting services to households, commercial clients and the construction industry.

Cutting Screed From Drains

We were called to a retirement village development. It’s often the case on construction sites that cement, or screed ends up being washed down the drains. If it dries onto the pipes, it can cause a restricted flow, and further blockages. We used drain jetting hoses with a special attachment which allowed us to cut through encrusted screed and blast it out of the drains.

Tree Root Removal in Bedfordshire

Tree roots love the inside of drains; they provide the ideal moist environment for nurturing underground growth. This kind of ingress can be disastrous for drains; not only do the roots block the pipes, they also cause damage to the drain walls. This was the problem on an industrial estate in South Bedfordshire. We used a specialist nozzle on our drain jetting hoses to cut through the roots and removed them. In this instance there was no damage to the pipes.

Using a CCTV Drain Survey to Pinpoint Blockages

If there’s a blockage deep in the drainage system, it may not be possible to see what or where it is. In such cases we will use a CCTV drain survey to ascertain the cause of the blockage. A remote-controlled closed-circuit camera is sent into the drain in order to capture live images of the interior of the drain, enabling us to identify blockages and determine their underlying causes.

By conducting this survey, potential drain problems can be identified at an early stage, which helps in preventing more costly issues. In case a blockage is detected, drain jetting services can be employed to clear the pipes and restore efficient drainage.

About Drainflow

We’re a long-established drain clearance business with a passion for providing great service to our customers in Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, and North London. That’s why you can rely on the Drainflow team for a prompt response to your call – whatever time of the day or night – and an equally prompt solution. Whether it’s a blocked toilet, a slow-draining sink, or a commercial drain blockage, we’ll get it sorted for you – fast.

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