Case Study – Root Cutting in Drains

Local Root Cutting in Drains, Ampthill

The Drainflow team was called out to a blocked drain issue in The Avenue, near the centre of the Georgian town of Ampthill recently. A CCTV drain survey quickly revealed that the blockage was being caused by root ingress. Root cutting in drains needs to be carried out as soon as it’s discovered because tree roots, if left, can cause extensive damage to pipes and drainage systems.

What Damage Do Tree Roots Do to Drains?

Roots love moist environments, so a drain pipe is an ideal spot for growth. Having located their source of moisture, roots will either work inside the connector joints, or locate small cracks in pipes to access it. Once ingress has been made, the growth continues, slowing the flow of water as further detritus becomes attached to the blockage.

In this case, Drainflow was called out to deal with a highway drainage issue, but tree roots are an extremely common cause of blockage in all kinds of drains, including residential systems.

Specialist Root Cutting in Drains, Ampthill

At one time the solution for tree root ingress was to excavate the drain and replace the affected pipework. Thankfully, in most cases, we’re now able to deal with the issue more efficiently and affordably by using a drain jetting root cutter nozzle.

The nozzle is attached to strong and pliable drain jetting hoses, which are inserted into the blocked drain pipe. Directional high-pressure jets cut through even the toughest of roots and dislodge them. Every trace of the invasive root growth is them removed from the pipework and water can flow freely once more.

Finding the Right Solution for Blockages

Drainflow engineers would always recommend a drain survey before going ahead with root cutting in drains. Whilst it’s a probable cause, the CCTV drain survey will supply detailed information, such as the exact location of the blockage, the extent of the growth, and the blockage density. Once you have a detailed diagnosis, the application of a specialist solution can be fast and effective.

Working With Drainflow

Drainflow drain clearance engineers work across Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, and North London. The business was established over two decades ago, and we’ve developed an excellent regional reputation for the prompt and reliable drain clearance services to commercial, construction and residential clients.

Drainflow is available 24/7, and no job is too big or too small. Our goal is always to get your drain blockage cleared promptly, on our first visit. We have a fleet of specialist drain clearance vehicles which is why, in 99% of cases, drain problems are solved immediately.

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