CCTV Surveys

A CCTV Drain Survey Diagnoses Drainage Problems Fast

One of the challenges that Drainflow engineers face daily, is that many drainage problems aren’t immediately visible. There may be a smell, or localised flooding that alerts us to a blockage, but if the source of the problem lies in underground drainage systems, we won’t be able to see it. In order to take a look at what we’re dealing with, we use CCTV surveys.

Innovative CCTV technology allows us to check out an underground drainage system or sewer, and pinpoint any issues that require further attention. A CCTV drain survey means that there’s no digging or excavation required; the process is clean, and simple.

How Do CCTV Surveys Identify Drainage Issues?

At one time, identifying problems in underground drainage pipes was a painfully slow process. Now we’re able to carry out a detailed survey fast, with the help of a remote-controlled, wheel-mounted CCTV camera. The tech is impressive, and effective. Remote crawlers ensure that we can get at pipes that are damaged or blocked. And if they’re full of water we’ll use sonar to assess their condition.

The camera is lowered into your drain system to inspect the interior of the pipes. They send 360° real-time footage back to monitors on the ground. This allows us to pinpoint the problem and provide a report containing images and data demonstrating exactly what repairs are needed.

What are the Benefits of CCTV Drain Surveys?

The CCTV technology has turned expensive, and disruptive excavation work into a fast and cost-effective process. We’re able to see clearly whether we’re dealing with a collapsed pipe, tree root ingress, rodent infestation, or a build-up of fats and household products. We can then take appropriate action to resolve the situation.

The very worst thing you can do with drains is ignore symptoms hoping they’ll go away. They don’t. Our aim at Drainflow is to catch and identify issues in their early stages, and deal with them before they become major problems that are expensive to repair.

A Range of Uses

Now that the technology exists, there are numerous ways in which CCTV drain surveys are proving useful for homeowners, construction companies, and DIY builders. Here’s a few of the ways in which Drainflow engineers have put it to use:

  • Buying and Selling Property. If you’re selling a house, it’s a good idea to get a pre-purchase drain survey done early on. Drain problems can hold up your sale if you’re not on top of them. For buyers, the drain survey is now a popular option. It’s quick, non-disruptive and will help you to make an informed decision about the property.
  • Build Over Drain Surveys. If you’re planning an extension to your property, your water authority will require you to carry out a drain survey if their pipes are likely to be affected. The same goes for any building work that takes place near underground drainage pipes.
  • Pre-Tenancy CCTV Surveys. Landlords are required to ensure that their drains and sewers are in good condition before letting out a property. A drain survey provides evidence of the healthy condition of a drain system. A CCTV survey can also settle any disputes about drain damage at the end of a tenancy.

About Drainflow CCTV Drain Surveys

A Drainflow CCTV survey is carried out by skilled drain clearance specialists, and it provides a prompt diagnosis of your drain problem. Our aim is always to sort out drain blockages quickly and effectively, and CCTV technology allows us to work extremely efficiently. We provide CCTV drain surveys across the Beds, Bucks and Herts region.

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