Repairing Broken Drain Pipes in Bedford

Repairing Broken Drain Pipes in Bedford

The majority of call-outs we get for blocked sinks, drains or toilets, we’re able to solve immediately, allowing our Bedford customers to get on with their lives. When cracked or damaged pipes underground are causing the problem though, repairs take a bit longer.

We often get asked by customers whether it’s possible to repair damaged pipes underground themselves. Our answer is always the same; it’s possible, but we’d advise against it. Without specialist equipment you’ll need to locate the cracked or broken pipe by digging down to find it. Once found, the damaged pipe has to be extracted, and replaced using high power tools.

Drainflow Uses CCTV for Broken Drain Pipes in Bedford

Our aim, at Drainflow, is to get your household, or business, back on track as quickly as possible. That’s why we use specialist equipment to diagnose and repair broken pipes that are causing blockages, smells or back-ups. Instead of digging to find the problem, we use remote controlled waterproof cameras that inspect your drainage system and send back real time imagery.

A CCTV drain survey in Bedford saves time and money for our customers. Our drain clearance experts know exactly what to look for, and how to diagnose the problem from the imagery they’re receiving. Once we know what it is we’re dealing with, we suggest a solution for customers, and provide an instant quote.

Drainflow Provides Bedford Drain Repairs Fast

If you are worried that you may have damaged pipes, let Drainflow put your mind at rest. We don’t charge a call out fee. Instead we find out what the problem is, and then we give you an instant quote to provide repairs immediately. Our vans are equipped with all the specialist equipment required to deal with your drainage repairs, so we can solve the problem fast and effectively for you.

Very professional service and very knowledgable. They didn’t give up on the problem until it was resolved! No more smells in my bathroom!!! Would highly recommend.

Debbie Harvey

Drainflow provides a fast and cost effective service repairing broken drain pipes in Bedford, and no call out fees. Get in touch 24/7 on 01525 718500