CCTV Drain Surveys Bedford

CCTV Drain Surveys Bedford


Drains get blocked for any number of reasons, from tree root ingress to collapsed pipes. Drainflow’s CCTV drain survey technology locates the problem quickly and accurately. No digging or messy excavation required. We simply send our remote controlled ‘crawler’ CCTV camera into your drainage system to investigate.

How does a CCTV Drain Survey Work?

CCTV drain surveys are a fast and efficient way to locate hard-to-see blockages. It’s all thanks to the sophisticated ‘crawler’ technology. This is a remote controlled, wheel-mounted HD camera which searches out the problem in your pipes. Images are beamed back to a monitor on the surface where Drainflow engineers are waiting to locate the problem.

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CCtv drain survey Bedford

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Professional CCTV Drain Surveys in Bedford

The Drainflow team have been clearing drains and providing specialist CCTV drain surveys in Bedford for over 2 decades now. We provide a range of drain clearance services:

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Blocked Drain Bedford


If the sink in your bathroom or kitchen is emitting unpleasant smells, or the waters slow to drain, you probably have a blocked drain. Left to its own devices this blockage could lead to overflowing gutters, or flooding. Best advice is to get a drain clearance expert in for blocked drains, and get the problem sorted fast.

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If you’re experiencing a stubborn blockage, it’ll need to be flushed out of your pipes. Drainflow engineers use high pressure hoses which (in excess of 3000psi) to blast encrusted material loose, remove mud and silt, or dislodge trapped blockages. These flexible pipes can navigate round corners to clean out pipes.

Drain clearance Bedford


Blockages in your domestic drains can cause disruption throughout the house, so you want a drain clearance company who’ll find a fast solution. Drainflow engineers drive vans packed with all the specialist equipment we need to clear blocked drains immediately. 99% of first calls end with the problem completely solved.

Blocked Drains in Bedford

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