Buying a New House? Here’s Why You Need a CCTV Drain Survey

When people start looking a properties to buy, they’re encouraged to consider the size of the rooms, the views from the windows, the damp course – but not necessarily the drains. At present there’s no requirement to carry out a CCTV drain survey on a property you’re thinking of purchasing, but the Drainflow team would heartily recommend this course of action.

Why You Need A CCTV Drain Survey

The drains that serve a property are largely invisible underground, and that’s why it’s so important to get them checked out. Problems Drainflow regularly encounters in drain systems are tree root ingress, collapsed pipes, or rat infestation. These problems can be dealt with quickly and efficiently; the real danger is leaving it to get worse, because you’re unaware of it.

How Does a CCTV Drain Survey Work?

A CCTV drain survey provides a detailed inspection of a property’s underground drainage system. The aim is to identify any problems and determine the best solution. No excavation is required, instead we insert a wheel-mounted, remote-controlled CCTV camera into the drain. This offers us 360° views of the drain interior, beamed onto a surface monitor via a live feed.

If any problems are located, a Drainflow engineer will recommend the best course of action for drain repair or drain clearance. In most cases we’re able to clear blockages and tree-roots growing in drains using drain jetting. This blasts the drain with high-pressure water jets. We are also able to repair collapsed pipes remotely.

3 Reasons Why a CCTV Drain Survey Benefits House Buyers

If you’re wondering whether or not to invest in a CCTV drain survey, here are 3 reasons that may help you to make your decision:

  1. Damaged Drains Give You Leverage. A CCTV survey offers clear evidence of blocked or damaged drains and Drainflow will provide a quote for the repairs. The owner of the property can either pay for the repair work or lower the asking price to cover the cost.
  2. Preventive Peace of Mind. The longer a damaged or blocked drain is left unattended, the costlier the repairs that will be required. Rather than waiting to shoulder the cost of emergency repair work, a CCTV drain survey allows you to put in place preventive repairs.
  3. Location, Location. A CCTV drain survey not only tells you if you have a problem, it’s also pinpoints the location. It could be that the problem lies beyond your property boundary, in which case it will be repaired free of charge by the council

Drain Clearance With Drainflow

For over two decades now, Drainflow engineers have been managing the health of our customers’ drains. We do domestic drain clearance, such as blocked sinks and toilets, as well as underground drain systems. You can count on us to solve drainage problems day or night, and there’s no call out fee!

If you’re buying a new house, and would like a CCTV drain survey carried out, call the Drainflow team today on 01525 718500