Commercial Drain Cleaning for EasyJet, Luton Airport

The biggest problem for any drains is a build of mud, debris, and leaves that can lead to blockages. It’s the same whether your drains are residential, or commercial – both need regular maintenance to keep the pipes clean and clear of obstructions. Drainflow recently carried out commercial drain cleaning for EasyJet at Luton Airport in Bedfordshire.

What is Commercial Drain Cleaning?Drainflow Provides Regular Preventive Maintenance

For our large commercial clients like EasyJet, blocked drains are more than just an inconvenience; they’re a risk to the business. Drainflow recommends regular commercial drain cleaning and maintenance to avoid blockages and minimise the risks to your business. Drains tend to be invisible until there’s a problem, and then they can cause huge disruption.

4 Benefits of Commercial Cleaning Maintenance?

The relatively simple process of having your commercial drains cleaned and maintained doesn’t just stave off blockage problems, it also provides a range of other benefits:

  1. Saves Money on Repairs. Regular maintenance allows drain clearance engineers to monitor any minor issues, such broken pipes, small blockages, or root growth in pipes. If caught and dealt with early, this will prove a significant saving in the long run.
  2. Keeps Drains Healthy. Fatbergs form where detritus has been allowed to build over a period of time. Regular drain jetting is powerful enough to blast waste, grease, and debris out of your drain system before it has chance to build into a major obstruction.
  3. Prevents Flooding. One of the most common problems the Drainflow team deals with is flooding or standing water. The health hazards associated with a waste back up are to be avoided if at all possible, and drain cleaning is guaranteed to minimise the risks.
  4. Lengthens the Life of Drains. Regular maintenance and cleaning keep your drains efficient and increases their longevity. Where drains are left for long periods without attention, tree roots can create a major problem which damages and weakens your commercial system.

What is Commercial Drain Cleaning?

Drainflow uses commercial drain jetting equipment to clean drains for business clients. Our drain jetting equipment blasts water at a pressure in excess of 3000psi to clear minor obstacles, any build-up of debris and accretions of grease or fat. The hoses we use are strong and pliable, which enables them to work through the drain system, ensuring a thorough clean.

Drainflow – Reliable Drain Clearance

The team at Drainflow is made up of experienced engineers who use state-of-the art technology to facilitate drain clearance, drain cleaning and commercial maintenance. We provide a comprehensive set of services to maintain drainage systems 24/7. These include CCTV drain surveys to determine the location of blockages, high power drain jetting to clear debris, and vacuum tankers for draining down and safe disposal.

Need commercial drain cleaning and preventive maintenance for your Bedfordshire business? Call the Drainflow team today on 01525 718500