What is a CCTV Drain Survey?

What is a CCTV Drain Survey?

Suppose you have a smelly sink, or a blocked toilet. A quick call to your Drainflow drain clearance specialist would normally ensure a quick resolution to the problem. But not always. Drains are complex systems and sometimes it’s necessary to investigate deep in the drainage system in order to discover the source of the blockage. It’s in these circumstances that we use a CCTV drain survey.

Yes, But What is a CCTV Drain Survey?

It’s a remote controlled closed circuit camera which is sent into the drainage system to find the blockage. The CCTV camera, or ‘crawler’, provides 360° imagery of the drain’s interior which is relayed to the surface where it is analysed by a Drainflow engineer. This ‘real time’ data allows us to both pinpoint the location of the blockage, and ascertain the nature of it.

CCTV Drain Surveys Usually Save Us From Digging

If it’s pipe damage that is causing the problem, we can use the CCTV camera as a repair vehicle. The ‘crawler’ is sent down the drain to the problem area, which allows us to analyse the blockage. We can then use high-powered drain jets to clear any debris blocking the drainpipe underground.

What is a CCTV Drain Survey For Apart From Repairs?

CCTV drain surveys are used to check the condition of a drainage system prior to buying or selling a house. The diagnostics provide information about damaged pipes, but also give warning of potential problems that can be dealt with early. Repairs are far cheaper, as a result of a drain survey report, because the exact location requiring repair, or replacement is known.

Even if your drains are working perfectly well, it’s worth checking them out regularly. In the same way that a car service maintains the performance of your vehicle, a CCTV drain survey will ensure that your ahead of the curve should repairs or remediation be necessary. The frequency is dependent upon the age and condition of your pipes, but your Drainflow expert can offer guidance on this.

Will a Survey Disrupt the Household?

In the majority of cases there’s no disruption. You’ll be able to continue using your water supply whilst Drainflow engineers get on with the survey. The major benefit, however is that we’re able to manage most drainage repairs without the need to excavate. Where we do have to dig, the fact that we have a precise location limits the activity required.

Drain Clearance Services in Bedfordshire

Drainflow provides prompt and efficient CCTV drain surveys in Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and North London. We provide our drain clearance services 24/7, so the Drainflow team can be relied upon if you have a problem that needs fixing fast. Best of all, we don’t charge call out fees. Instead, we find out what the problem is and offer an on-the-spot no obligation quote for fixing it.

“Excellent service with great communications and feedback from the staff. Was really impressed with how promptly they dealt with our issue and provided me with a report and disc within 24 hours. Would definitely recommend having a survey done before purchasing a property as highlighted a problem that could have been costly had we not had the cctv work carried out.”

– Tina Keane

A CCTV drain survey gets to the root of the problem and picks up pipe damage in its early stages. For a CCTV drain survey, call 01525 718500