Case Study – Gutters and RWP Drainage in St Albans

Gutters and RWP Drainage in St Albans

The Drainflow team spent a few hours at the French Connection store in St Albans last week. We weren’t buying clothes, surprisingly. They needed their guttering and RWP cleared as there was a blockage. we carried out the task successfully using scaffolding and suction equipment.

Ensuring that gutters are clean and free flowing is critical to the building structure. If left, debris can build up, leading to:

  • Damage to walls and ceilings.
  • The development of leaks.
  • Damp and mould.
  • Wood rot.

Any one of these could be a risk to the structural integrity of the building.

Clearing RWP Blockages

The rainwater pipe is a drainage fitting the diverts rainwater away from a building to a drainage system. RWPs often get blocked thanks to leaves and debris accumulating. They need to be regularly maintained to stop blockages and the attendant problem of standing water.

Gutter Clearance

We used scaffolding to reach the gutters at the front of the building. A high-power vacuum removed the debris and blockages quickly and without any attendant mess. The RWP was removed and thoroughly cleaned and then replaced. The blockages were cleared without any creating any obstacles to customers accessing the store, and there was no danger of falling debris.

Gutter and Drain Clearance From Drainflow

The Drainflow team is an established and trusted provider drain clearance services for St Albans. We provide CCTV drain surveys, drain jetting and the clearance of blocked rain gullies for our commercial, residential, and construction clients across Hertfordshire.

We are available 24/7, and our goal is always to get your drain blockage cleared on our first visit. In 99% of jobs we’re called out to, that is exactly what we do.

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