Case Study – Drain Blockage in Park St, St Albans

Drain Blockage in Park St, St Albans

The Drainflow team were recently called to clear a drain blockage at Keech Hospice Care Charity Shop, Park Street, St Albans. We were alerted to the problem in the early hours of the morning and arrived promptly to diagnose the blockage and provide a rapid solution.

For any kind of retailer, a blocked drain is bad news. Unpleasant smells, a blocked toilet, or a drain in need of repair are all issues that employees and customers find off-putting. If the problem is severe, it can even mean a loss of revenue whilst the issue is fixed.

CCTV Drain Inspection

Drains are difficult for retail businesses to deal with because they are largely invisible. A blockage can be building for a while, but it’s difficult to spot until the effects are obvious. Drainflow uses CCTV technology to survey drain systems and locate the blockage that is causing problems.

A remote-controlled, wheel-mounted HD camera is sent into the drain to inspect the interior. 360° images are sent back to surface monitors where they can be viewed in real time. Our drainage engineers analyse the data and locate the issue.

High Pressure Drain Jetting

If, as in the case of the Keech Hospice Care drain blockage, the issue lies deep in the drainage system, drain jetting is a fast and effective remedy. High pressure hoses are fed into the drain from its mouth, and jets at pressures exceeding 3000 psi clear the obstruction. In this case we were able to act fast, and the shop was able to open for business as usual.

Working With Drainflow

Drainflow’s team of drain clearance engineers work across Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, and North London. With more than two decades of experience, we’ve developed a great reputation for the prompt provision of drain clearance services to commercial, construction and residential clients.

Drainflow is available 24/7, and our goal is always to get your drain blockage cleared promptly, on our first visit. In 99% of cases that is exactly what we manage to do.

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