Toilet Unblocking Service St Albans

Toilet Unblocking Service St Albans

Blocked Toilet Experts in St Albans

A toilet blockage is always inconvenient, and unpleasant to deal with. What you need is a drainage professional who turn up promptly and clear the problem efficiently. Drainflow’s toilet unblocking team uses rotary mechanical drain cleaning, or high-power drain jetting to clear the blockage fast.

How Do I Know If I Have a Toilet Blockage?

If you’ve noticed that your toilet flush isn’t working very efficiently, or the water in your toilet bowl is higher than usual, you have a toilet blockage. Don’t wait for it to get worse, call Drainflow and we’ll send a specialist to fix it fast.

Need a toilet unblocking service in St Albans? Call Drainflow for a prompt response.

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Specialist Drain Clearance in St Albans

The drain clearance team at Drainflow is made up of skilled professionals with decades of experience. We approach every job promptly and efficiently, no matter whether it’s large or small, residential, or commercial. Most important, Drainflow is available 24/7 to get your drains cleared and working as they should.

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Drain cleaning St Albans


If you have a stubborn blockage in your drainage system, Drainflow will flush it out using high-power drain jetting hoses. There’s no excavation involved; we work from the mouth of the drain, blasting water jets in excess of 3000psi through the pipes. The force of the water will clear mud, silt, roots or large objects.

Sink Clearance St Albans


A blocked sink makes itself known via unpleasant smells and slow drainage of water. DIY fixes will offer temporary remediation, but it’s important to get to the source problem as there could be damage to your pipes. Drainflow specialists will carry out a detailed assessment of the cause and clear the blockage entirely.

Drain Clearance St Albans


Drains are designed to work invisibly, without intervention. It’s only when there’s something wrong that we remember their existence because of smelly plugholes or sinks that won’t drain. The Drainflow team knows how disruptive a dysfunctional drain can be, so we arrive promptly, with the right equipment, to provide fast fixes.

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