Toilet Unblocking Service North London

Toilet Unblocking Service North London

Blocked Toilet Specialists in North London

The symptoms of a blocked toilet are pretty clear. You’ll find that the water will drain slowly when you’ve flushed, or the water level in the toilet bowl will rise. Once you’re aware of a problem, call a Drainflow specialist to unblock your toilet immediately.

Unblocking Your Toilet

Drainflow engineers will always respond promptly to toilet blockages. Our aim is to clear it rapidly, allowing your household to get back to its normal routine. Dependent on the cause of the blockage we may use drain jetting or rotary mechanical drain cleaning. Whatever the cause, Drainflow specialists can be relied upon to provide the solution.

Do you need a toilet unblocking service immediately? Call Drainflow for rapid response.

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Specialist Toilet Unblocking Service in North London

The Drainflow team is made up of seasoned professionals who have been working together for over two decades now. We take pride in the quality of the work we deliver, and provide the following services to our customers in North London:

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Effective Sink Clearance


If you find that your sink plughole is smelling bad, or that the water is slow to drain, it’s likely that you have a sink blockage. Where this is dealt with quickly, by drain specialists, your pipes can quickly be restored to their healthy, free-flowing state. If ignored, it could lead to bigger problems such as waste water back up.

Drain cleaning North London


When it comes to dealing with a stubborn blockage in your toilet pipes, or drainage system, drain jetting is a highly effective solution. Using strong and flexible drain jetting hoses, we are able to deliver water jets in excess of 3000psi. This will dislodge items that are wedged, build-ups of silt and mud, or tree-root ingress.

Drain Clearance North London


A blockage in your toilet, shower or sink can throw your household into chaos, which is why the Drainflow team aim to clear drain blockages fast. Our vans are always stocked with the full range of specialist equipment we may need to clear your drains. In 99% of cases we are able to unblock drains on our first visit.

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