How to Deal With a Drainage Emergency

What is a Drainage Emergency? And How to Deal With One.

The Drainflow team is available to customers 24/7. They’re unsociable hours, but any business dealing with emergency situations knows, crises don’t respect business hours. A drainage emergency can build up, out of sight, for weeks, or months. Then, all of a sudden you’re seeing the consequences, and need a plan to deal with them. Which is what Drainflow provides.

What is a Drainage Emergency?

Drains are complex systems that work invisibly to keep waste water flowing out of your home and into storm or foul sewage pipes. If you start seeing symptoms of a problem with that system in your home, the best course of action is to treat it as an emergency, and call out drain clearance. Drainage engineers can then assess the symptoms and determine what kind of action needs to be taken.

Symptoms to look out for:

  • Slow flowing water can be an indication of a blockage, or broken pipe.
  • Lower water pressure than normal could be a symptom of a burst water main nearby, or it may indicate a broken pipe.
  • Bad smells, and slow drainage in sinks means that there’s a blockage which isn’t clearing naturally.
  • The toilet flush becoming ineffectual is a sign that there’s a blockage; you may also see water rising in the toilet bowl.
  • Puddles or waterlogging in your lawn suggests that there’s a blockage in your drainage system which needs to be investigated.

How to Deal With a Drainage Emergency

The most dangerous thing to do in a drainage emergency is to assume it will sort itself out. Once you have become aware of the symptoms, it is already a situation that requires a professional to take a look at it.

Emergency Unblocking Drains Service

Most people don’t think of a blocked drain as an emergency, but a blockage that’s ignored can store up major drainage problems for the future. We would always recommend that you call in drainage experts to take a look, rather than relying on chemical drain unblockers that can cause even more problems.

Drainage engineers will assess the situation and clear the blockage efficiently, if it’s localised. Where a blockage is located deeper in the drainage system, they’ll use a CCTV drain survey to locate it, and powerful drain jetting hoses to clear the system.

Toilet Unblocking Service

A toilet blockage can sometimes be removed by using a plunger, but if this doesn’t work you should call a professional toilet unblocking service. Blockages in toilets can be caused by the continual flushing of products that don’t biodegrade, and therefore clog up the system. Wipes, sanitary products, and disposable nappies are particular problems.

A drain clearance engineer will clear any blockages that can be reached, or use drain jetting to clean through the system and clear out objects that have become stuck.

Broken Sewer Lines

If you’re noticing that your lawn is particularly verdant, or boggy, it could be a problem with a broken sewer line. What often happens is that sturdy roots from trees or plants find a weakness in the pipe, and grow into to moist interior. This eventually causes a blockage in the pipe and makes hairline cracks larger.

A CCTV drain survey uses a remote-controlled, wheel-mounted camera to go down into the drainage system. Real-time images of the interior of the pipes are sent back to a monitor, where drainage engineers can diagnose, and pinpoint the problem. If tree root ingress is causing a blockage, drain jetting, using specialised nozzles, can cut it away to leave the drains clear.

Drainflow Provides Drainage Emergency Services

The Drainflow team has provided drainage emergency services to homes and businesses across Beds, Bucks, Herts, and North London for more than two decades. Our specialists work quickly and accurately to bring the emergency under control and restore normal service.

If you’re noticing bad smells from your drains, or insistent blockages, getting in touch with us is the best way to get the problem solved. Drainflow offers a 24/7 service and a fleet of job-ready vans. We’ll arrive promptly, diagnose accurately, and fix the problem efficiently. And when we’re done, we’ll give you a 3 month guarantee on our work.

“Excellent service, within an hour of calling the engineer was with me to unblock drain and ensure all other drains connecting to sewer were flowing freely, would highly recommend.”

Wendy H.

If you’re looking for a reliable drain clearance company to deal with a drainage emergency call Drainflow. We offer a prompt response from a specialist team – call us on 01525 718500