drain surveys for Brentford Football Club

Drain Surveys for Brentford Football Club

It’s a big moment for Brentford FC; they’ve played their last game at the old stadium – Griffin Park – and are poised to begin the 20/21 season in their new stadium just a mile up the road. The Brentford Community Stadium is right next to Kew Bridge station and has a seating capacity of 17,250. It’ll also provide a home to a professional rugby team, and attract huge numbers of sports fans into the local area.

Drainflow Carry Out Critical Drain Surveys

Prior to the opening of any major building, critical work has to be carried out to ensure that the drainage system is working at peak performance. Drainflow was asked to carry out drain surveys across the stadium premises, and provide detailed reports on our findings. We used CCTV ‘crawler’ remote cameras to cover every inch of pipework. Real time data was fed back to Drainflow engineers who then analysed the results.

Foul and Storm Water Drainage Surveys

Drainflow engineers surveyed both storm and foul water drainage systems at Brentford Community Stadium.

  • Storm Water Drainage. These are the drains that carry away rain water from gutters, the pitch and roads. The rain water is diverted to soakaway, or into a local stream.
  • Foul Water Drainage. Foul water refers to waste water that comes from kitchens or bathrooms. It’s considered contaminated water, so it’s diverted to a local sewer treatment plant.

Drain Cleaning in Preparation for the New Season

Our final task was to clean out the drainage system for handover. Drainflow experts used drain jetting equipment to achieve this. Our jetting hoses propel water through the drainage system at pressures higher that 3000psi. Unleashing water at this force ensures that any debris, or blockages, are blasted away to leave the system working perfectly.

The Drainflow Dream Team in Action

We may not score winning goals, but we’re in the premier league when it comes to clearing drains of blocks and damage. We’ve got a powerful defence strategy and we know exactly when to go on the attack to beat the opposition. For us, unblocking drains is a game of two halves. First we survey the field with CCTV HD remote cameras, then we go in with everything we’ve got to make sure we clean up! We wish Brentford FC every success in their new stadium, and we can assure them that if they don’t score – it won’t be down to the drainage!

Drainflow provides drain clearance across London for commercial and industrtrial clients, as well as offering a range of services such as sink unblocking and drain jetting to our residential customers.

“We frequently use Drainflow for our business and they are very helpful, competent and prompt.
Would highly recommend.” – Tina Doyle

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