CCTV Drain Surveys Milton Keynes

CCTV Drain Surveys Milton Keynes


There’s lots of ways a drain can get blocked, from tree roots growing through cracks, to a build up of mud and silt. To find out exactly what the problem is, Drainflow uses a CCTV drain survey. There’s no need for digging, instead remote-controlled cameras are sent into the drain to locate the problem for us.

How does a CCTV Drain Survey Work?

A CCTV drain survey is a close-up inspection of your drainage system, using state-of-the-art wheel-mounted CCTV cameras which are inserted into the drain. The HD images are beamed back to the surface via a monitor. One of our Drainflow specialists reads the data, diagnoses the problem and gets a precise location.

For a prompt diagnosis of drain blockages, call a Drainflow expert.

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CCtv drain survey Milton Keynes

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Specialist CCTV Drain Surveys Milton Keynes

The Drainflow team has been providing first-class CCTV drain surveys in Milton Keynes for the better part of 20 years. Our comprehensive range of specialist drain clearance services include:

Areas we cover in and around Milton Keynes:

Loughton, Bletchley, Westcroft, Caldecotte, Wolverton, Newport Pagnell, Woburn, Leighton Buzzard, Buckingham and Olney

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Rapid Sink Clearance


A blocked sink announces itself with bad smells and slow drainage in your bathroom or kitchen. If the problem isn’t dealt with early on it can lead to bigger problems, such as localised flooding and overflowing gutters. In the majority of cases, Drainflow engineers are able to clear domestic blockages on their first visit

Drain Clearance Milton Keynes


Drain blockages can be a real disruption to family life, which is why Drainflow’s goal is to clear domestic drains fast. Our vans are always loaded up with all the equipment we need to handle household drainage problems. Which is why we’re normally able to solve problems there and then for your family.

Drain Cleaning Milton Keynes


Stubborn blockages need drain jetting to flush them out. We use flexible, high pressure hoses which are capable of emitting jets in excess of 3000psi. The force of the water is enough to dislodge stuck objects, loosen encrusted material, and clear build ups of mud and silt. Drain jetting leaves your drains healthy.

Blocked Drains in Milton Keynes

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