CCTV Drain Survey North London

CCTV Drain Survey at Wembley Park

Drainflow engineers don’t often get to do glamour, so a job at the iconic location of Wembley Park is one to be celebrated. OK, we weren’t in the stadium, but the stunning 133 metre Wembley arch was in our eyeline from start to finish!

CCTV Drain Survey for Sisk Group

The work at Wembley Park was carried out on behalf of the Sisk Construction Group. Our first task was to carry out a CCTV drain survey. At one time searching for drain blockages involved messy excavation. Now we simply send a remote controlled ‘crawler’ camera into the drain. Once in place, real time data is fed back to the surface where it’s immediately analysed. We diagnose the problem, and can proceed with the solution.

Drain Cleaning of Foul and Storm Drainage

High pressure drain jetting is an effective way to clear drain blockages. Our high pressure hoses blast the blockage with pressures in excess of 3000psi. Whatever the problem – encrusted materials or hardened debris – the sheer force is pretty much guaranteed to dislodge it. The pipe’s flexible which means we can pinpoint the problem and apply the jetting accurately.

The Wembley Park job required Drainflow engineers to survey and clear both storm and waster water drains. These are separate systems designed to carry away surface water (storm) and waste domestic water (foul).

CCTV Drain Survey at Wembley Park

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