Wet Well Cleaning at London Luton Airport

Pump Station Cleaning and Maintenance Service

A healthy society has to keep its sewage on the move constantly. Pump stations are a vital part of the process. They are capable of transporting huge volumes of waste from one location to another. The maintenance and cleaning of these facilities is, therefore, critical to the efficiency of the system as a whole.

Drainflow recently carried out cleaning of the wet well at London Luton International Airport, Bedfordshire. The wet well is a chamber which is located at the lowest point of gravity in a sewer system. Sewage flows into the wet well and remains until a certain level is reached. It’s then pumped onwards to the main sewer.

Drainflow Pump Station Services

Wet wells can get a build up of material in the bottom of the chamber which cannot by shifted by the pumps. This ranges from grease to silt, rubble or ‘rag’. Rag comprises decomposed nappies, sanitary products and wet wipes which shouldn’t be flushed down toilets, but are. It’s important to clean out a pumping station regularly, therefore, in order to prevent damage to the pumps from such a build up.

Drainflow uses specialist equipment such as high volume suction, and pressurised drain jetting technology to drain the chamber and clean the debris out from around the essential pumps. Wet wells come in different shapes and sizes. The standard is 1200mm diameter but some reach as deep as 40 metres.


Drainflow – Reliable Drain Clearance

The Drainflow team is made up of experienced engineers using state-of-the art technology to facilitate drain clearance, maintenance and cleaning. We provide a comprehensive set of services to maintain pump stations and drainage systems. These include CCTV drain surveys to determine the location of blockages, high power drain jetting to clear debris, and vacuum tankers for draining down and safe disposal.

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