Case Study – The Art of Drain Clearance in Farnham and Dunstable

Case Study – The Art of Drain Clearance in Farnham and Dunstable

It’s not often that the Drainflow team gets to go to the theatre. Recently, though, we scrubbed up our high vis jackets and wellies for two outings linked to the arts. Alright, so we had to take our drain clearance equipment with us, but the plot was good and we met a few characters along the way!

Clearing Out Catchment Pits in Dunstable Theatre District

The Grove Theatre in Dunstable has had a tough year, thanks to the pandemic. It’s been closed since last March, and, for the first time since they opened in 2007, they’ve had to postpone the annual pantomime. Now, at last, the Dunstable Theatre District is gradually opening its doors again to the many community events, wedding celebrations and shows that make this such a hub for the local population.

The Drainflow team was called in to clear out catchment pits on the green outside the theatre. This is an empty chamber that’s built into drainage systems to trap silt and debris that’s swept along in the drainage pipe. The idea is that the silt is caught before it enters the drainage system. This reduces the risk of blockages that can cause a back up of water and localised flooding.

Catchment pits need regular cleaning and maintenance, which is where a local drain clearance company like Drainflow comes in. We used our high pressure drain jetting hoses to clean out the winter’s debris, leaving the chamber clean, healthy and ready for the summer season!

Drain Clearance in Dunstable

CCTV Drain Survey for University of Creative Arts in Farnham, Surrey

UCA in Farnham is the home of fashion design, photography, and film making – so the Drainflow team fitted right in! The Uni has had some new buildings constructed on their campus and needed drain clearance specialists to carry out a CCTV drain survey and a deep clean for the drains serving them.

Drain Clearance in Farnham SurreyThere’s numerous reasons why drains malfunction, and a CCTV drain survey provides a close-up on what the issues are. When building works have taken place the problem often comes down to a build-up of debris, but we need to be sure. Our HD waterproof, wheel-mounted CCTV camera provides 360° real time images from the heart of the drainage system – it’s better than the movies!



Having located the problem, we used drain jetting hoses to blast debris and silt out of the drainage pipes. Our strong and flexible hoses are able to navigate the twist and turns of the pipework, in order to blast jets of water at pressures exceeding 3000psi. The result is a clean, free-flowing drain that is healthy and fit-for-purpose.

About Drainflow

We have trouble admitting it, but the Drainflow team of drain clearance specialists has been providing drain clearance for over 20 years now. We keep drains operating efficiently, in a healthy sustainable way for residential, commercial and industrial clients.

The team operates across North London, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire and sometimes Surrey. We’re available 24/7, and our goal is always to get your drain blockage cleared on our first visit, which in 99% of cases is exactly what we achieve.

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