Drain Jetting at St Ann’s Hospital, London

Case Study – Drain Jetting at St Ann’s Hospital, London

Where there’s a drain blockage, high pressure drain jetting is an effective way to clear the obstruction fast. Drainflow was asked to carry out this job on foul and storm drainage pipes at St Ann’s Hospital, North London.

Foul and Storm Drainage

In the UK there are three types of drainage system. These are:

  • Storm or surface water drainage – rain water
  • Foul or grey water drainage – waste domestic water
  • Combined foul and storm drainage – foul and storm are removed together

CCTV Drain Survey

A CCTV drain survey was carried out first, at St Ann’s Hospital, to discern both the location of the drain blockage, and its cause. A remote controlled ‘crawler’ CCTV camera was sent into the drainage system to investigate. Once the camera is in position, real time data is fed back to the surface and the Drainflow engineer analyses the information received. Upon completion, we were able to determine the best course of action to remove the blockage.

High Pressure Drain Jetting at St Ann’s

Having completed the CCTV survey, high pressure drain jetting was recommended for efficient drain clearance. We use high pressure hoses that are able to propel water at pressures in excess of 3000psi. The tremendous force of the water jet is enough to dislodge debris that has wedged or hardened, or encrusted materials. The flexible pipe is able to reach into the depths of the pipework and navigate any bends.

Drain Clearance

When drain clearance is carried out in a busy, public-access site, professionalism, efficiency and speed is of the essence. The range of specialist equipment used by Drainflow means that we rarely have to excavate drainage systems. In most cases we’re able to locate the blockage using technology and clear the problem fast.

Drain Jetting at St Anne’s Hospital, London

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