Case Study – Drain Clearance in Hitchin and Harlow

Case Study – Drain Clearance in Hitchin and Harlow

Even when there’s a lockdown, drains still need clearing. The Drainflow team has been as busy as ever throughout the past 3 months across Beds, Bucks, Herts and North London. We’ve cleared sinks and toilets, dealt with overflowing gullies, and flushed out drainage systems clogged with mud or tree roots. In this blog we take a look at a couple of the most recent jobs we’ve completed.

Case Study 1 – Harlow New Build

The Drainflow team were called out to a new build site in Harlow because of a blocked drainage system. These can be tricky because you can’t see what the problem is, or where it’s located. At one time this would have meant excavating, which is a pretty big job. Now we’re able to get technology to do the dirty work for us.

CCTV drain surveys use a wheel-mounted, remote control camera which is sent into the drain to locate the source of the blockage. It sends 360º HD images back to a surface monitor. A Drainflow technician can watch its progress and spot the problem with pinpoint precision. Not only that, we can also examine the cause of the blockage in order to determine how to shift it.

In this case we used high pressure drain jetting hoses to flush out the blockage. Our hoses are designed to be flexible enough to navigate the twists and turns of the drain, and strong enough to blast jets of water in excess of 3000 psi. We were able to clear the drain quickly and efficiently, leaving the site team to get on with their work in preparation for opening.

Drain Clearance in Harlow

Case Study 2 – Hitchin Golf Course

The Drainflow team like an afternoon on the golf course. Unfortunately we’re usually there to clear drains rather than show off our skills! This was the case with our trip to the Chesfield Downs Golf & Country Club near Hitchin. It was tough to pull ourselves away from their two superb courses, but we were called out to deal with overflowing road gullies, so we set to.

Blockages in road gullies are normally as a result of bad weather, or damage to the pipes. If there’s been heavy rain, like we’ve experienced this winter, mud and stones can get washed down causing a blockage which leads to standing water. We used drain rods to locate the blockage and determine its size. There was a good deal of silt and leaf mulch which needed flushing out to restore the gully to full health.

We used drain jetting hoses to clear out the gully, leaving it free-flowing and fully operational.

Drain Clearance in Hitchin


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