Cutting Screed From Drains in Lincolnshire

The Drainflow team had a trip out to the Spa recently. No, not that kind of Spa! We were doing work at a McCarthy Stone retirement village in Woodhall Spa, Lincolnshire. A number of the properties are in the final stages of development and drain clearance was required in preparation for the grand opening in September.

Drain Clearance Diagnostics

The first step with drain clearance is to find out what it is that’s causing the blockage. Given the construction work that had been going on, we had a pretty good idea but we needed a diagnostic to pinpoint the location of the problem. A CCTV drain survey showed a blockage caused by screed that had washed down the drain. Having dried, it was now stuck to the side of the drain and needed cutting out.

Drain Clearance Diagnostics

The Problem With Concrete in Drains

The Problem With Concrete in Drains

As concrete or screed washes down into a drain it dries in layers which decrease the diameter of the pipes. There are two likely consequences, if the screed isn’t cut out. First, the flow of water is impeded. Second, the reduced flow allows for a greater build up of debris which can lead to a waste water back up once the blockage becomes too big.

Clearing the Woodhall Spa Drains

Drainflow engineers used high power drain jetting with a Warthog nozzle attachment to clear the screed. The combination is powerful enough the blast through the pipes, and precision cut the encrusted screed for removal and disposal. Thanks to the use of innovative technology, we were able to navigate the drain successfully and clear the blockage efficiently without excavation or digging.

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