Blocked Gullies

Causes of Blocked Gullies and How We Unblock Them

Blocked gullies are not high on most people’s worry list – until they have one! Then it can become a real source of worry and concern. If you’re not a drain clearance specialist they can be tricky to diagnose. It may start with shower or sink drainage slowing down. In some cases water ceases to drain at all. Or running taps in the bathroom may make the water in your toilet bowl rise….

When you start to experience these problems, it’s time to get an expert in.

What are Gullies and How do They Get Blocked?

A gully is a drain pipe outside your house that’s designed to remove waste water. This includes rain water from your guttering and grey water from your sinks, shower, washing machine and dishwasher. Given the number of sources feeding into your gully, it’s not surprising that they occasionally get blocked and require a good clean to return them to health.

The most common causes of blocked gullies are leaves and debris from the garden, solidified fat or grease, and tree roots that have found a way into the drain and continued to grow. If you live in a hard water region (and Bedfordshire is one such), limescale can form in the pipe and cause blockages. Occasionally we find that the culprit is a toy car, or even a bunch of keys.

How Does Drainflow Clear a Drain Blockage?

The first job for Drainflow engineers is to locate the blockage. We start by eliminating one potential cause after another. So, we’ll clear any garden debris from around the gully first of all. Then we’ll remove the grating and shift any silt or rotting leaves that have built up near the surface of the drain. If this doesn’t solve the problem, we know that the blockage is deeper.

In order to locate the blockage we use drain rods. This allows us to feel our way through your pipes until we hit some resistance. Once we do, we use the rods to define the shape and volume of the blockage, as well as trying to break it up so that water can flow through. If we’re unable to remove the blockage using rods, we will need to flush the blockage out using drain jetting.

Drain Jetting for Stubborn Blockages

For tree roots, objects that are wedged, or build ups of silt or grease we use powerful jets of water that are forceful enough to thoroughly clean your drains out. Our drain jetting hoses are flexible enough to follow the contours of the pipe, whilst having the strength to manage water jets up to 3000psi. This form of drain clearance gives your gully a thorough spring clean, leaving it healthy and smelling good.

For Efficient Drain Clearance, Call Drainflow

Drainflow engineers know how disruptive and worrying blocked drain gullies can be, so we aim to get them cleared fast. Our vans are stocked with all the specialist equipment we need to do the job, and we’ll always try to fix the problem on out first visit. We’re available 24/7, and – best of all – we don’t charge call out fees.

Need to talk to a Drainflow engineer about blocked gullies? Call us straight away on 01525 718500