Blocked Drain Finchley

Blocked Drain Finchley


Fed up with sink water taking an age to drain, or nasty smells coming up from the plughole? Then you’ll need to tackle your blocked drain. DIY solutions may act as a stopgap, but they won’t solve any of the more serious problems that may need expert attention. In time you may find yourself dealing with a waste water build-up or standing water around your drains.

What is Drain Clearance?

Drain clearance professionals have the experience to diagnose drainage issues and provide fast and efficient solutions. Drainflow can normally clear a blocked drain in Finchley over just one visit. We keep our vans fully stocked, and our response times are refreshingly prompt.

For a blocked drain in Finchley, call Drainflow – quick and effective drain clearance.

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About Drainflow Ltd

Drain Clearance Company for Finchley

The Drainflow drain clearance team is made up of engineers with decades of experience between us. We take pride in doing a great job for customers whether we’re working in the residential, commercial or construction sector. Drainflow is available 24/7 if you have a blocked drain in North London.

As well as blocked drain clearance in Finchley, Drainflow offers:

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It’s not nice, dealing with a blocked toilet, and we would always suggest that you let a professional toilet unblocking service handle it for you. If you’re finding that the flush isn’t very effective, or the water level in the toilet bowl is higher than usual, call Drainflow. It’s all in a day’s work to us and 99% of the time it’s cleared in one visit.

Drain Cleaning Finchley


Underground drain systems can easily get blocked with mud, silt, encrustation, or tree roots ingress. Drain jetting offers a fast and effective way to clear out those blockages. Drainflow uses powerful water jets, exceeding 3000psi to flush out the drainage system, clear large objects that may be wedged, and sluice out mud.

Drain Inspections Finchley


Drain blockages underground need specialist equipment to locate them. We use CCTV drain surveys. This involves the use of CCTV technology which is sent into the drain on a crawler platform, to send back 360° views of the interior. Images are sent direct to a surface monitor where our engineers can diagnose the problem.

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