Avoid Damage From High Water Pressure

What’s the Issue With High Water Pressure?

Low water pressure is an ongoing inconvenience that people will quickly complain about to their water supplier. But it’s relatively rare to hear complaints about high water pressure. Households tend to consider a plentiful supply of water from the taps and a bonus. Whereas, in fact, high water pressure – if left unattended – can cause all sorts of damage to the pipe network, resulting in leaks, wasted water and repair bills.

What Causes High Water Pressure?

There are 3 common reasons for experiencing high water pressure when you turn on your taps:

Nearby High Rise Flats. If your local water supplier is have to cope with the requirements of multiple floors, higher water pressure is likely to be the way they manage the demand.

Gravity. If you live in valley, or at the bottom of a steep hill, you’re likely to experience higher pressure than people living higher up, simply because of the gravitational pull downwards.

Thermal Expansion. It could be that the increased pressure is caused by your boiler heating up water and increasing the volume passing through the pipes.

What Problems Does High Water Pressure Cause?

Really it all comes down to wear and tear on the pipes. Over time this will cause leaks. They may start out as pinpricks, but they will get larger over time. Leaks inside the house have the knock-on effect of causing flood damage to walls, or floors. High water pressure also causes wear and tear on washing machines. This may not lead to breakdown, but it will shorten the life of the appliance.

What Symptoms Should I Look Out For?

First and foremost, if your water’s gushing out of the taps when you turn them on, your pressure’s probably too high. Your kitchen and bathroom sink taps shouldn’t feel like a power shower! High pressure can also cause banging in the pipes. This occurs when fast flowing water comes to a sudden stop. The pipes will shudder in response and this is what causes the knocking sound.

If You Have Leaking Pipes…

If you notice leaks in your pipes, however small, you should call a plumber immediately. If you suspect that high water pressure has cracked or damaged your pipes, you’ll need drain clearance specialists to take a look. Drainflow don’t charge call out fees. We simply investigate the problem, and give you an immediate quote for the work. If we can fix the problem there and then, we will.

How do I Know if my Pipes are Cracked?

Drainflow offers CCTV drain survey technology to ascertain what the condition of your pipe network is. We send remote control crawlers, fitted with waterproof 360º cameras, to check out what the problem might be. This innovative technology sends back real time data to DrainFlow engineer’s computer, allowing for an immediate diagnostic, and swift action to remediate the problem.

Worried that high water pressure may have caused damage to your pipes? Call Drainflow for prompt action, and a swift solution to your problem – 01525 718500